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Summer Buzz Cut

April 22, 2018

stine mo buzz cut

female buzz cut

buzz cut


This might not be news to you, if you follow me on Instagram, but… I got a buzz cut! Oh man does it feel good! Especially now that we’re having these wonderful summer days. It’s just convenient and lets be honest, bad-ass as hell, am I right. I’m thinking of making a video all about the buzz cut, is that something you guys would watch? Let me know

Leather jacket JOFAMA (similar HERE*) ● Crop top TOPSHOP (similar HERE*) ● Skirt H&M
Sunglasses ACNE STUDIOS (similar HERE*) ● String tote ALIEXPRESS ● Sneakers ADIDAS*

* = affiliate



Shades of red

March 26, 2018

orange knit stine mo


den sorte plads

Red spectrum (affiliate)

red tights

red sunglasses

For years, my favourite colour was red. In middle school I had bright red hair and often wore red clothes, from coats to jeans. I’ve always been drawn to the colour. Like, when I walk into a store (whether it’s apparel or interior) and I see something red, I must take a closer look. Maybe it stems from my childhood, because my fathers trademark was his classic Levis 504 jeans in bright red. Maybe the colour bring my comfort because of the tie to my father. Who knows.

My thoughts when getting dressed were simple. Wear all the new things, those being the orange sweater, red tights and sunglasses. Seeing a clear colour spectrum, I wanted to go all out on that.

Knit sweater H&M (similar HERE*) ● Skirt TOPSHOP (similar HERE*)
Tights ALIEXPRESS ● Sneakers BUFFALO (similar HERE*) ● Sunglasses WISH (similar HERE*)

* = affiliate



dressing French w/ gran

February 12, 2018

blue wool baret

blue wool baret

Mom jeans for everyone (affiliate)

blue wool baretstine mo

My grandmother was a stylish lady. Time and time again I’ve been able to find treasures in her old things, that my mother keeps in a varity of boxes and closests in my childhood home.
When I came home for Christmas last year, I remembered having played around with ‘french wool hats’ as I called them. My mom fetched a basket full of beautifull berets that my gran wore, maybe 60 years ago.
I took them home, but they ended up collecting dust on a high shelf where I keep scarves etc. I never use. Fast farward about 2 month, one haircut later, and I wanna wear one these every day. Berets just go really well with shorter hair I think. And red lipstick, of course!

Coat ZARA (similar HERE*) ● Shirt YOINS ● Jeans MONKI* ● Beret VINTAGE
Sunglasses ASOS (similar HERE*, HERE*) ● Earrings GINA TRICOT*
Boots ALEXANDER WANG* ● Lipstick MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2

* = affiliate