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Damn denim

March 16, 2017

denim on denim

anine bing denim shirt weekday jeans Image Map

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Is there anything better than a good pair of denim jeans? That one pair that fits perfectly. You always seem to reach for them, because you know that they look good with anything. That’s how I feel about my Monki ‘Taiki’ jeans. I love to wear denim with denim, and I just ordered a super cool denim jacket with floral embroidery. Hurry up mr. postman!

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About Valentines day

February 15, 2017

Unreal red hoodie valentines day

hoodie slogan text

Happy Valentines day everybody! This is not a day I care about at all however. Maybe I’ve had such a profound hatred to that day, because I’ve been single for most my life, and recently the last 2 years. Until yesterday. And to be honest, I’d prefer a man to spoil me on a completely random day, because he just really wants to. Not on February 14 because it’s somehow expected of him.

Now listen to what happened at the exact moment I wrote that sentence yesterday. My (new) boyfriend walks through the door holding red roses and heart shaped chocolates. I can’t believe he’s such a cliche. I felt ecstatic in spite of what I just said, of course. No doubt about it. I had a truly fantastic evening with my man. And I have to say it’s pretty awesome to be one of those gross newly in love couples, that I’d whole heartedly hate, I’f I wasn’t in one.

I hope your Valentines day (or just tuesday) was exactly how you wished it to be. Lots of love, SM

The hoodie is from H&M Mens department. Couldn’t find it online, here’s a few items that look like mine:

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