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Soho Grind

June 14, 2018

soho grind

soho grind london

stine mo

I just returned from a long weekend trip to London. With all the stuff that’s been going down in my life lately, I really needed a break from Copenhagen and the things around me.

My dear, talented friend Sarah lives in Bethnal Green and kindly let me stay at her place. What an amazing couple of days we had. Different surroundings and general distractions really can mend a broken heart.

I few hours after touchdown in Gatwick, we enjoyed (lovely) iced coffees at Soho Grind in central London.

Denim jacket PRETTYLITTLETHING (similar HERE*)
Top MONKI* ● Denim skirt SECOND HAND (similar HERE*)
Earrings MONKI* ● Round necklace PERSUEDE
Icon necklace ASOS*
* = affiliate

stine mo

stine mo


10 Random Facts About Me #3

June 10, 2018

10 Random Facts About Me

Dress ● Primark (Similar HERE* affiliate link)

  1. I can’t listen to the song The Final Countdown by Europe. When I was a kid, my family brought me to this stunt man show with motorcycles flying everywhere, fire and loud noises, while that song played I got so terrified, that comes back, whenever I hear that song.
  2. I have this thing where I’ll be looking forward to something SO MUCH in the weeks leading up to, but when the event actually comes around, I often want to cancel. I rarely do though, and end up having a great time anyway.
  3. Tears come really easy to me. Happy, sad, frustrated, confused. Yeah, I’m gonna cry. I do however hate crying in front of people, even those I’m close to.
  4. When I was younger I had a very irrational fear of flushing airplane toilets. I would open the door before flushing, and run out right as I pressed the flush button.
  5. I was a smoker for the majority of my teen years (sorry mom). But I value my health and detest smelly hands, so no more of that.
  6. I was a vegetarian for about a year when I had a boyfriend who was. But honestly, I love meat. So I’d rather not be a vegetarian again.
  7. I’ve burst my left eardrum during sex. You can try to figure out how that happened. It was very painful, if you were wondering. And I could hardly hear anything on that ear for about a week.
  8. I’m a very open person and naturally talk about subjects that other might find taboo. Such as sex for example. I find it really hard to connect with an uptight person.
  9. Blue is my favourite colour.
  10. I had a recurring nightmare as a child about being swept down a waterfall on a small wooden raft.

Pastel sunglasses

May 25, 2018

pastel sunglasses
pastel sunglasses

How freaking cute are these pastel sunglasses?? I love sunnies with coloured glass, that are not too dark. Partly because you look like less of an ass when you wear them indoors, partly because, well, they’re just adorable.

I went into & Other Stories and found this pair of blue sunnies. I really wanted to buy them, but i honestly thought they were a bit too pricey (I’m kinda cheap, I know…)

I went home and browsed at my favourite china store Aliexpress and found these. They’re available in 7 colour, and the best part? They only cost $3.

Cat eye sunnies