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Bandon beach

August 29, 2017

floral portrait

stine mo
location pinBandon, Oregon

bandon beach

Hello from the Bandon coast!

We’re 12 days into our USA west coast trip. I’ve seen amazing nature, that blows everywhere else I’ve been out of the water. Oregon is a truly incredible. We saw the eclipse in Terrebonne by a beautiful canyon, which was hands down the most surreal experience in my life!

The Bandon beach reminds me of something out of a movie. The small islands near the coast makes me think of Thai beaches, while the wild flowers and shrubbery feels like my home, Denmark.

Next up, Crescent City, California


In transit

August 17, 2017

stine mo

En route to Portland

Hello from Kevlavik airport in Iceland! Finally caught some WI-FI and 30 minutes to spare, to write a quick update.

I’m on my way to Portland, OR! Mostly to see the eclipse on monday, but also to drive down the coast to San Francisco. 3 weeks of awesome food and beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram –> @STINEMO to get a glimpse of my trip. I’ll also do my best to update the blog along the way. Kisss


Oh happy day

August 9, 2017
You order a whole lot of stuff online because there’s a sale on (and you’ve got no self control), and there’s that one item that you were most excited about. When you finally pick up the package at the post office, rush home, and try it all on… And of course that one speciel item fits kinda. blah.. Do you know that feeling? That’s what happened with this dress.
I was too lazy to return it, and stashed it at the bottom of my closet. And then a few months later I skeptically try it on, fearing that i can it won’t fit, due to the fact that I’ve been gaining weight in the general ass-area. And miraculously! it actually fit better than when I was a few kilos lighter.
Oh happy day!


Dress ZARA ● Jacket PELECHECOCO ● Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith