The leather bio sandal


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Yes, I caved in! After seeing the widely popular Birkenstock sandals everywhere, the unthinkable happened. I started to fall in love with them! The deal is that my mother have been wearing Birkenstock sandals all my childhood, and until recently I could only imagine mothers looking good in those shoes. But fashion does what it does, and now I think they’re fabulous!

The actual Birkestock’s are sold out everywhere (literally!) so I had to find an alternative. THESE from ASOS ended up winning, because of the velcro and silver sole. And you know what. They’re cheap too! And very comfortable. Get ready to see me wearing these all the time!

More bio sandals!

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Also in this picture: COOLA spf30 facial sunscreen > Doesn’t contain crap that’s bad for you’re skin, and gives a perfect matte finish. EOS raspberry & passionfruit lip balm > Smells and tastes fantastic and keeps your kissers moist. Bath & Bodyworks Oceanside candle > Smells like fresh laundry and make me want to clean things.

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