Home inspo: Sheepskin in chairs

collagesheep2 collagesheep1Pictures via my Pinterest

I’m actually not a fan of fur. I think it’s cruel and horrible. Am I a terrible person for being very much in love sheep skin for the home? I tell myself it’s not the same thing, but what do I know. I’ve been raised in a home with several sheep skins, brought home from greenland, adorning the sofa and armchairs. There’s something so comfy and homey about them! Nothing better than curling up in a warm sofa with a cuppa tea, is there. Aaaah….

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  1. Jeg har det på præcis samme måde som dig! Er generelt modstander af pels, men lige det der fåreskind i indretningen synes jeg virkelig er lækkert!

    Kig forbi min blog, hvor jeg har en Stine A giveaway kørende resten af marts måned!

  2. IKEA har fine fake fåreskind, hvis du vil have et cruelty free skind: http://www.ikea.com/dk/da/catalog/products/30229077/ :)

  3. Jenn Z says: Reply

    love the color scheme

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