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Floral sale scoop

February 23, 2018

Gina tricot off shoulder top

Gina tricot off shoulder top

The other day I walked in to Gina Tricot because I wanted a brightly coloured knit, to make sprinmg seem less distant. I’d looked at this one* online, and while it was sooo soft and a great colour, it turns out turtle neck knits just doesn’t look so great with my current hair style. Bleh.

I generally can’t walk into a store without a riffle through the sales rack. I’m a bargain hunter, what can I say!
The observant reader will undoubtedly have noticed that I have thing for off shoulder pieces. So unsurprisingly, I had to buy this cute little thing. Especially when it was only £5

Carrie off shoulder mesh top
* = affiliate link



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