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Oh happy day

august 9, 2017
You order a whole lot of stuff online because there’s a sale on (and you’ve got no self control), and there’s that one item that you were most excited about. When you finally pick up the package at the post office, rush home, and try it all on… And of course that one speciel item fits kinda. blah.. Do you know that feeling? That’s what happened with this dress.
I was too lazy to return it, and stashed it at the bottom of my closet. And then a few months later I skeptically try it on, fearing that i can it won’t fit, due to the fact that I’ve been gaining weight in the general ass-area. And miraculously! it actually fit better than when I was a few kilos lighter.
Oh happy day!


Dress ZARA ● Jacket PELECHECOCO ● Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith


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  • Reply Ellone august 14, 2017 at 10:39

    I love slip dresses and you rocked it with this look! ❤

    Ellone | Minimal Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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