I love incorporating greenery into my decor, it adds some colour and life to any room. I have a thing for small  vases with a single flower or branch. I also own a LOT of perfumes, and some of them are several years old. Something I learned recently is that perfume come bad after around 3 […]

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  • DIY marquee letter

    I’ve been on Pinterest far too much lately! The DIY section is filled with the lovely marquee letters, and I wanted to make one myself. It was very easy and took me 30 mins at most. It’s pretty self explanatory really, the pictures explains most I did. I started by cutting along the edges with […]

  • DIY
  • DIY paper flowers

    I’ve moved around everything in my room, and needed something pretty to decorate my shelves with. Came across this super easy tutorial on how to make these cute paper peonies. All you need is coffee filters, glue and wire. Food colouring to dye them. Aren’t they precious?? I wanna make some in purple as well, […]

  • Beauty
  • Floral sunnies DIY

    Was it Dolce & Gabbana that came out with those awesome 3D floral sunnies a couple seasons ago? I think it was. Well, since then I’ve been itching to DIY a pair myself. I bought a pair of round, white shades and 30 clay flowers on eBay that came to a totalt of $6.25. Then […]

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  • DIY’ed ombre dress

    I did a little DIY project the other day! I looooove ombre, it’s so nice and very easy to do yourself with some dye. The dress is an H&M one that I wore on my graduation and haven’t worn since, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit. I had some Dylon purple dye […]

  • DIY
  • Soap bubble painting

    A little artsy DIY I did the other day! Soap bubble paintings. I had so many of those small soap bubble bottles laying around, I thought I’d put them to some use. If you’re interested in making some of these yourself, here’s what you need: Soap bubbles + the wand-thingy, water colors, small cups or […]

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  • A little bit of hex nut DIY

    I’ve already made a couple hex nut bracelets months ago, but haven’t used them that much. Mostly because I used some old thread (and less pretty) for them, and I wanted something more flashy. So I popped by Handler and Hay to get some neon ribbon. They’re just so very easy and cheap to make, […]