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Coral Crush

July 16, 2015


Jofama leather jacket ⎮ COS tshirt ⎮ H&M denim skorts ⎮ Zadig & Voltaire purse ⎮ FR//S shoes

Finally my London-girl Sarah Mikaela came for a copenhagen visit! We had breakfast at this nice place in Ny Adelgade, Far’s Dreng (Dad’s Boy). Delicious breakfast in beautiful surroundings. It’s funny how it always seems like no time has passed when we see each other, when it’s actually been 6 months! That’s far too long though.

Whenever the sun comes out and the temperatures rises above 20, I hop on my bike and go to the beach. It’s so close to my place, and I love a swim. Anyway, I LOVE my very literal beach hair, I’m sporting here. Jump in the ocean, let it dry in the sun and look fab. Easy peasy!


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  • Reply Lina Wednesday July 22nd, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    Hi! You have just my dream hair. I’m cutting a long bob next week and I definitely want to spice it up a bit with Maria Nilas colour refreshers just like you do. I was just wondering – which colours do you use? And do you have treated hair (like coloured, dyed or bleached) under it to make the colour stick or do you just apply it on un-treated “natural” hair? Hope to hear from you! And thanks for a great blog btw!

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