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Cleanse Update

May 6, 2015

acne library tortoise sunglasses

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This i what I wore yesterday when I went by a few events. I’ve invested in my first pair of designer sunglasses, this gorgeous pair from Acne Studios. They’re huge and so good to hide behind, so I’ll be doing that every day from now on! Haha, don’t you know the feeling of not wanting to communicate with the world, so you wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy? That’s me right now….

Update on juice cleanse: Yesterday was my last day on the juice detox. First day went very well! The juices are quite filling so I didn’t feel hungry throughout the day, and had no cravings. But I was tired at the end of the day and went to bed early. Day 2 was hard. Around noon I was so sick of the vegetable flavours. Had to gulp down the juice so as to not taste it too much. Spend most of the day looking at pictures of food on Pinterest. I was so tired all day and fell asleep around 4 pm and slept for an hour, missing an event. Went to bed early again. Day 3 wasn’t much fun either. So sick of juice. But I did get out my apartment.
Results: I don’t feel a huge difference in my body. My skin does look a little better though. But I’ve actually not been having cravings for pizza and fries! I mostly just want salads and lean meat. That’s sorta unusual for me, hah! I’ll probably do the detox again when I’ve been eating too much fried stuff and cheese.


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  • Reply Laura Thursday September 15th, 2016 at 08:21 AM

    Dette look ser godt ud. <3 Brillerne passer perfekt til dit ansigt. :) Hvor at finde dette til at købe? Jeg har mange lignende fundet. Hmmmm … :)

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