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Cleaning Makeup Brushes The Easy Way!

April 5, 2015

cleaning makeup brushes
It’s something so important, but tedious to do. Cleaning your makeup brushes! A bunch of bacteria builds up in used makeup brushes, and ideally, they should be cleaned after every use. But come on, who does that?! Not me at least. I usually do it every two weeks or so (shame on me!). But I’ve found a way to clean them faster and more efficiently!

You may be familiar with the Sigma Spa Glove. It’s a silicone glove with little bumps on it, designed for cleaning brushes, but at $35 I gave it a miss. Instead I found a silicone oven glove on eBay (HERE) for less than $4, and honestly, it probably works just as good!
washing makeup brushes

I use a small amount of shampoo on the glove and swirl a wet brush on the bumpy surface. It helps work up a good lather and really get in the brush hairs. Rinse and squeeze out excess water. I always leave my brushes to dry on a towel I have rolled up, so the water can run out and not dissolve the glue!
silicone glove cleaning makeup brushes

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