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Dripping in gold

April 25, 2018

gold earrings

persuede earrings

On me
Style 03 Persuede Jewellery

Arc Dyrberg/Kern* ● Planet stick Sophie By Sophie* ● Clip earrings Ben-Amun* ● Dogma Maria Black*

* = affiliate

I’ve always thought silver looked best on me and categorically steered away from anything gold. But lately that I’ve challenged the way I look, I’ve fallen in love with gold jewellery.

Now that I have next to no hair on my head, I’ve noticed that I’m so attracted to bold, gold earrings. Here are a few of my favourites.


Check mate

April 5, 2018

check mate

Checkered top GINA TRICOT* ● Jeans FILIPPA K* ● Sunglasses LE SPECS*

* = affiliate

Can you feel it? The change in the air, the birds singing their welcome. Spring feels closer than ever. I actually sat on my balcony with a cup of tea, enjoying the sun and NOT freezing. Felt good man.

How about losing the jacket and flash those white, pale arms in a sweet voluminous shirt and relaxed jeans? I’d like that.


Shine Bright (Through The Snow)

March 5, 2018


Row 1: Yellow top GINA TRICOT* ● Pink top &OTHERSTORIES* ● Green top GINA TRICOT*
Row 2: Blue dress GINA TRICOT* ● Yellow dress MARIMEKKO* ● Patterned dress MONKI*
Row 3: Green sweater &OTHERSTORIES* ● Pink blazer GINA TRICOT* ● Yellow hoodie MONKI*
* = affiliate link

I think most of us could do good to wear a bit more colour. Especially when March, which is supposed to be a spring month, is so cold and snowy (at least here in Denmark). Get those spring feelings, by wearing the brightest colours you can find. How about a blue dress with a green sweater and a pink blazer? That just makes me happy!