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  • Back in London

    Pictures taken by Sarah Wearing Blonde & Blonde knit, H&M plaid shirt, Object jeans and Horze.dk boots I’m back i London!!!! My dear friend Sarah lives here, so I’m visiting for her birthday, which was a few days ago. I’ll be here for a couple  days, just enough to satisfy my ever longing for this […]

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  • Montague st.

    Pictures taken by Yin Wearing Primark crop tee and bum bag, Dr. Denim jeans, Cheap Monday belt and Nike sneaker I’m London! It’s awesome here of course, even though the weather’s a bit grey. The sun does pop out a little, so I just jumped into it and sported a newly bought crop top. Talk […]

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  • New York diary day 7

    1// My brother and I outside New York Public Library. 2// Lunch at Bryant Park! Caesar salad and Yoga Bunny Detox soda from Pret A Manger. One of my all time favourite lunch places. 3// Did a bit of shopping in ZARA and Sephora. 4// Went to Washington Square Park. I’m leaving New York on […]