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Bandon beach

August 29, 2017

floral portrait

stine mo
location pinBandon, Oregon

bandon beach

Hello from the Bandon coast!

We’re 12 days into our USA west coast trip. I’ve seen amazing nature, that blows everywhere else I’ve been out of the water. Oregon is a truly incredible. We saw the eclipse in Terrebonne by a beautiful canyon, which was hands down the most surreal experience in my life!

The Bandon beach reminds me of something out of a movie. The small islands near the coast makes me think of Thai beaches, while the wild flowers and shrubbery feels like my home, Denmark.

Next up, Crescent City, California

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Island getaway – Bornholm

July 19, 2017

instagram story stinemo
Snapshots from my Instagram Story – Follow along HERE

Back to normal life

Returned after a 5 day getaway to Bornholm – a small Danish island in the Baltic sea. My grandfather build this cute, tiny (and primitive) summer house near the coast, surrounded my corn fields and woods. Yes, it’s as idyllic as it sounds.
We have no TV, barely any phone connection, and a wood burning stove for heat. There’s no bath in the house, so you gotta jump in the ocean to freshen up.
I think it’s rather healthy to be forced back to basics. And most importantly, going (partly) offline. I’m on my phone constantly, and it worries me how many times I check it in a day. So a few days off the grid, just spending time with my family and s/o has been amazing. But daily life calls, and we’re back in the office.

Bornholm bent johnsen

bornholm denmark


To travel is to live

March 23, 2016

I may not write about it much, but I love traveling! Now that I study and the money is tighter, I don’t get to travel as much as I would like.
I want to tell you a little bit about my trips to Japan. Been there twice back in 2008, first with my Japanese study group and then with my family. Some of you may know that I was really into Japanese fashion when I was younger. I pretty much past that, but I still have a huge fascination with Japanese culture, particularly the food there! I can’t wait to back to Tokyo and Kyoto some day. As I mentioned earlier, I studied Japanese and visited the country with my class. That was a super fun experience! I’m writing this post in collaboration with Education First that among other things offer educational language trips. An adventure I would most certainly recommend!