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Shades of red

March 26, 2018

orange knit stine mo


den sorte plads

Red spectrum (affiliate)

red tights

red sunglasses

For years, my favourite colour was red. In middle school I had bright red hair and often wore red clothes, from coats to jeans. I’ve always been drawn to the colour. Like, when I walk into a store (whether it’s apparel or interior) and I see something red, I must take a closer look. Maybe it stems from my childhood, because my fathers trademark was his classic Levis 504 jeans in bright red. Maybe the colour bring my comfort because of the tie to my father. Who knows.

My thoughts when getting dressed were simple. Wear all the new things, those being the orange sweater, red tights and sunglasses. Seeing a clear colour spectrum, I wanted to go all out on that.

Knit sweater H&M (similar HERE*) ● Skirt TOPSHOP (similar HERE*)
Tights ALIEXPRESS ● Sneakers BUFFALO (similar HERE*) ● Sunglasses WISH (similar HERE*)

* = affiliate



PICK&MIX tassel earrings

March 21, 2018

myrainbowtee earrings

myrainbowtee earrings
A few weeks ago I spend a day in Malmø to shoot a campaign for a line of earrings landing at, and I wanted to share the result with you.
The earrings are handmade in Thailand and is a collaboration between Myrainbowtee and The Earring Shop. I love how the colours both clash and compliment each other.
And how incredibly gorgeous is my co-model Aziza? WOW!

MYRAINBOWTEE x The Earring Shop tassel earrings ● 390DK

Photos taken by Marie My

myrainbowtee earrings


Floral sale scoop

February 23, 2018

Gina tricot off shoulder top

Gina tricot off shoulder top

The other day I walked in to Gina Tricot because I wanted a brightly coloured knit, to make sprinmg seem less distant. I’d looked at this one* online, and while it was sooo soft and a great colour, it turns out turtle neck knits just doesn’t look so great with my current hair style. Bleh.

I generally can’t walk into a store without a riffle through the sales rack. I’m a bargain hunter, what can I say!
The observant reader will undoubtedly have noticed that I have thing for off shoulder pieces. So unsurprisingly, I had to buy this cute little thing. Especially when it was only £5

Carrie off shoulder mesh top
* = affiliate link