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Oh happy day

August 9, 2017
You order a whole lot of stuff online because there’s a sale on (and you’ve got no self control), and there’s that one item that you were most excited about. When you finally pick up the package at the post office, rush home, and try it all on… And of course that one speciel item fits kinda. blah.. Do you know that feeling? That’s what happened with this dress.
I was too lazy to return it, and stashed it at the bottom of my closet. And then a few months later I skeptically try it on, fearing that i can it won’t fit, due to the fact that I’ve been gaining weight in the general ass-area. And miraculously! it actually fit better than when I was a few kilos lighter.
Oh happy day!


Dress ZARA ● Jacket PELECHECOCO ● Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith


Ugly-pretty shoe

July 25, 2017

ugly pretty shoe
aliexpress fur heels

Do you ever see a piece of clothing or accessory so ugly and impractical, that your first thought is “wow, I must own it”? Like Topshops clear plastic jeans or the disco ball body suit by GUCCI. This was more or less what went through my mind, when I stumbled upon those heels with a pink fur insole (so-called “ugly-pretty shoe) . Because who needs a fur insole in a sandal? In winter boots, it makes sense. But open toe sandals? Not so much.

*I can confirm that the bottom of my feet went rather sweaty after a while in these.

The shoes have been patiently waiting for me to wear them, on an shelf accompanied by other decorative items. My miniature sculpture of a nude female torso, a vintage Olympus OM-3 and a silver piggybank in the shape of bulldog. You know, the usual.
They often became the object obtaining most attention from guests, like Marie who said something along the lines of “What, those shoes are so ugly! Can I try them on?”

ugly pretty shoe

Shirt Boohoo  ●  Denim skirt vintage (similar HERE)  ●  Belt ASOS  ●  Watch Casio
Furry heels Aliexpress

Beauty Style

Latest purchases

June 28, 2017

latest purchases

Oh boy do I love this t-shirt, with the little chubby gal. The collection is a collaboration between Monki and the artist Camilla Engström, and consists of a handful of t-shirts with the character Husa (who’s so cute)
I bough these earrings a few weeks ago. In the meantime, this model has been upgraded, but still look just as awesome.
This is the best products against spots! I should know, I’ve tried just about EVERYTHING. The contents of the tiny bottle is separated, like oil in water. Don’t shake it before use. Simply dip a cotton bud into the pink part, and apply it to pimples before bedtime. They’ll be dried up in no time! A miracle product indeed.
I’ve always thought that silver jewelry looked best on my pale skin. But recently I decided that gold is just freaking fire. I found there (incredibly) cheap sterling silver  gold plated hoops. Fan!
Another pair of tassel earrings from Persuede. I wore these to my graduation on friday, and received a number of compliments. They’re just the cutest.
No, a vinyl skirt isn’t exactly comfortable in warm weather. Men dammit, it looks cool! And rather cheap too. A budget find, I’d say.
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