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About Valentines day

February 15, 2017

Unreal red hoodie valentines day

hoodie slogan text

Happy Valentines day everybody! This is not a day I care about at all however. Maybe I’ve had such a profound hatred to that day, because I’ve been single for most my life, and recently the last 2 years. Until yesterday. And to be honest, I’d prefer a man to spoil me on a completely random day, because he just really wants to. Not on February 14 because it’s somehow expected of him.

Now listen to what happened at the exact moment I wrote that sentence yesterday. My (new) boyfriend walks through the door holding red roses and heart shaped chocolates. I can’t believe he’s such a cliche. I felt ecstatic in spite of what I just said, of course. No doubt about it. I had a truly fantastic evening with my man. And I have to say it’s pretty awesome to be one of those gross newly in love couples, that I’d whole heartedly hate, I’f I wasn’t in one.

I hope your Valentines day (or just tuesday) was exactly how you wished it to be. Lots of love, SM

The hoodie is from H&M Mens department. Couldn’t find it online, here’s a few items that look like mine:

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4 things that rocked 2016

January 10, 2017


I say this every year, but boy do I mean it this time – 2016 flew by in a blur! It’s wasn’t a spectacular year for me, but a good one definitely. Here are some highlights:

    1. I’ve become a lot more confident and at ease with myself. Especially when it comes to my skin, which have been improving a lot last year. It’s pretty wild for me to go to school, events or even dates without makeup! And when I DO wear makeup, it’s a lot less.  I’ll update you on my skincare routine soon; perhaps a video ;)
    2. After a rather scary month of worrying about cervical cancer, I had surgery without complications and ended the year with a confirmation that they got it all in the procedure. Fingers crossed that my future smear-tests show no change!
    3. I finally realized what I’m looking for when it comes to dating – and most importantly what I wont tolerate! I’ve been dating a few guys in 2016 that in hindsight, did not treat me right. I’ve put up with way to much crap. I’m done with that!
    4. I found out that I like programming and decided to get a degree in web development. This might change of course, but it’s really nice to have an idea about where I might end up.

5 things I hate about tinder

February 22, 2016

5 things I hate about tinder
All photos via my Tumblr ⎮ Orchid Mountains

I’m writing this post at 4:47 in the morning. I woke up at four and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I did what most single people would do. I went on Tinder. (If you’ve watched my last video, you might be shaking your head at me, but you should know that I have the willpower of a small child)

If you’ve ever spend an embarrassingly huge amount of time on Tinder, you might be able to recognize these 5 things I hate about Tinder:

  1. Stop taking shirtless mirror-selfies. That makes you look like a complete douche. If you want to let potential matches know you have abs, find another way. It’s not that hard.
  2. What’s up with dudes who’re wearing sunglasses on ALL of their photos? I can’t help but assume that there’s something very wrong with their eyes. And why take that risk? Swipe left.
  3. Receiving a so-called “Super Like”, swiping right to the guy, and never get a message from him. Isn’t that blue star supposed to indicate that he’s extra interested?! WHAT THE FUCK
  4. The profiles with one photo. That has two guys in it. And no description.
  5. This message: Hey cutie, why don’t tell me about yourself?”. NO! It’s your job to ask me about myself.


If you’re unable to read the sarcasm, this is letting you know that it’s there.