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10 Random Facts About Me #2

February 28, 2018

facts about me

Ready for another one? Don’t forget to read my first 10 random facts about me.

  1. I get the hiccups several times a day. Every single day. Yes, that’s as annoying as it sounds.
  2. I’m not a picky eater, but if there’s parsnips in a dish I just can’t eat it. I haaaate parsnips.
  3. Caffeine has very little effect on me – unless I totally overdo it and drink 5 cups of coffee. I which case I can’t concentrate and my heart is pounding away. I still drink a cup or two a day though – it tastes darn good.
  4. I kind of hate soda (except Coca Cola). I love me some sparkling water though. Yummers! (Hey SodaStream – hit me up)
  5. When I was taking driving lessons I realized that I’m terrified of being behind a steering wheel. So I bailed on the drivers license and ride my bike everywhere.
  6. I’m definitely a phone addict, but I really want to change that. HELP.
  7. I’m a bit of hoarder. I find it so difficult to throw away/sell things that are in perfect condition, and I might *need* some day. Particularly with clothing, because in the past, I’ve gotten rid of something I’ve totally regretted a few months later. So I have a phasing out process of firstly putting it in the back of my closet. Then it goes in the basement. And after maybe a year in the basement, I’ll let it go. I know, it’s bad.
  8. I have oddly thick fingers, which means I can’t fit most womens rings.
  9. Tea is my favourite beverage ever ever ever. I drink several mugs every day. Geeen sencha is my favourite right now.
  10. Procrastination should be my middle name. Just writing this post literally took me 4 hours, because I was doing about  A billion things at the same time.

Most read posts 2017

January 2, 2018

Most read posts 2017

Thank you for a great year! It’s a classic, but I honestly can’t believe how fast 20107 went. This is a very interesting post for me, as it gives me an idea of what you guys like to read. While I thought it was outfit posts, it looks like it’s the more personal stuff that you like. Am I right?

As a round-up of 2017, here are the 3 most read posts of 2017 on The Mo Look.


I: Video: Love Your Small Boobs & Nipple Piercing Talk

I’m really glad this is my most read post as well my most watched video (at 16.000 views, wow) this year. I’ve had very small breasts all my life, and finally came to love them. I wanted to talk a little bit about how you might come to love yourself a little more, if you (like I used to) feel like small boobs are the wrong boobs. I hope it helped some ladies see that they’re perfect. I also got a nipple piercing, so there’s a bit of info on pain, aftercare and all that. Watch or rewatch it HERE.

II: 2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

I had a real epiphany when I found out you can make chocolate mousse from that liquid in chickpea cans you always throw out. That liquid is called aquafaba and acts kinda like egg whites. Mixed with melted chocolate, it results in a beautiful, fluffy and actually delicious chocolate mousse. I swear, you won’t be able to taste any chickpea! Try it out HERE.

III: About Valentines Day

So it turns out you guys are pretty interested in my love life, huh? I wrote a little post on my thoughts on Valentines Day in general and dum, dum, duuuum my new (not so new anymore) boyfriend. Read or reread it HERE.

IV: 4 Things That Rocked 2016

It surprised me to see this post made it to the top 5. In the very beginning of 2017, I wrote a post about 4 things that made my year special. A little bit about my downstairs situation, dating and more. Read og reread it HERE.

V: Mommy Jeans

The only outfit post that made it to the top. Actually one of my favourite outfits from 2017. The jeans worn in this post turned out to be the absolute wardrobe winner of the year. The ‘Taiki’ jeans from Monki (affiliate link) is probably my most worn item of the year! Paired with a funky 90’s shirt and aviator glasses, I really liked this quirky look. I suppose you did too? Read or reread it HERE.


10 random facts about me

December 27, 2017

10 random facts about me

Dress ● Vero Moda (affiliate link)

Did everyone have a happy holiday? I had a great christmas with my close familly, and a little time to myself. Back at work today, but let’s be honest, I’d rather be at home sleeping in and having a cuddle with the boyfie.

  1. I blush very easily, every time I feel slightly uncomfortable/embarrased. It’s so annoying!
  2. I love animals og dream about working in a shelter. But my allergies unfortunately makes that impossible.
  3. But I WILL get a dog when I move into a bigger apartment/house. There are a few breeds I’m not allergic to, like the lovely malteser.
  4. I’m quite an introvert og generally really bad at meeting new people. I’m also very bad at faces, so I apologize, if I can’t remeber you, if we’ve met before.
  5. My friends often describe me as a rather outspoken person.
  6. There was a period when I was around 15 year old, where I shaved off my eyebrows. That has resulted in fairly sparse eyebrows even 10 years later.
  7.  I’m absolutely love all sorts of plants and my small apartment is filled with green.
  8. Sleeping is one of my favourote things to do, and I’ll gladly go to bed at 9 pm on a friday.
  9. I’m the absolute opposite of spontaneous. I need everything to be carefully planned and considered from travelling to tattoos.
  10. I’m good at various needlework like embroidery, sewing and knitting. I love tinkering with my hands whilst listening to a podcast.