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Decorating with plants

June 22, 2017


albeit tiny
jungle fever

I’ve grown up in a house where plants and greenery, played a huge part in the decoration. We even had a room, almost solely devoted to our green friends. My favorite being a huge tropical thing, my mother planted from a seed she brought home from a summer vacation in the south.

I live in a rather small one bedroom apartment, but I find it so soothing to fill it with plants and flowers. Pictured is my beloved monstera deliciosa, a very easy plant to care for.

I’ve compiled a some inspiration for integrating plants into your home.

Pictures via Pinterest



September 7, 2014

office inspiration

Here’s a little bit of workspace inspiration! I’ve been on Pinterest constantly these past weeks, looking for inspo on my apartment. My work area has always been kinda messy and unorganized, so I lapping up all these photos of gorgeous, organized workspaces. I hope you feel inspired as well! If you want to check out my Pinterest, it’s right HERE!