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Video ⎮ Why I Shaved My Head

April 29, 2018
Iget a lot of questions about my hair, of the lack thereof. I wanted to make a quick video and address the most asked: Why I shaved my head.
Later on I might make another video about my hair care routine or something like that.

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why i shaved my head


New hair! Short bob with fringe

January 31, 2018

short bob with fringe
short bob with fringe

I’ve been craving a haircut badly, for the past few month or so. To try something new, I grabbed my scissors a night in December and gave myself a fringe. That held me off for a while. But inevitably I needed something more drastic. After a few scrolls on Pinterest, I found something. I was wondering if an Amélie haircut would suit me, and decided that even if it didn’t, it’s wasn’t the end of the f***ing world (have you seen that show?? It’s awesome).
As I looked at myself in the mirror after that good chunk of hair came of, I saw a closer resemblance to Lemon Cat than Audrey Tautou. But as always, a sleep and wash works wonders. And I do quite like it. Not to mention how amazing it feels to get that hair of my neck and back. Feels fresh.
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