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4 things that rocked 2016

January 10, 2017


I say this every year, but boy do I mean it this time – 2016 flew by in a blur! It’s wasn’t a spectacular year for me, but a good one definitely. Here are some highlights:

    1. I’ve become a lot more confident and at ease with myself. Especially when it comes to my skin, which have been improving a lot last year. It’s pretty wild for me to go to school, events or even dates without makeup! And when I DO wear makeup, it’s a lot less. ย I’ll update you on my skincare routine soon; perhaps a video ;)
    2. After a rather scary month of worrying about cervical cancer, I had surgery without complications and ended the year with a confirmation that they got it all in the procedure. Fingers crossed that my future smear-tests show no change!
    3. I finally realized what I’m looking for when it comes to dating – and most importantly what I wont tolerate! I’ve been dating a few guys in 2016 that in hindsight, did not treat me right. I’ve put up with way to much crap. I’m done with that!
    4. I found out that I like programming and decided to get a degree in web development. This might change of course, but it’s really nice to have an idea about where I might end up.

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