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10 random facts about me

December 27, 2017

10 random facts about me

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Did everyone have a happy holiday? I had a great christmas with my close familly, and a little time to myself. Back at work today, but let’s be honest, I’d rather be at home sleeping in and having a cuddle with the boyfie.

  1. I blush very easily, every time I feel slightly uncomfortable/embarrased. It’s so annoying!
  2. I love animals og dream about working in a shelter. But my allergies unfortunately makes that impossible.
  3. But I WILL get a dog when I move into a bigger apartment/house. There are a few breeds I’m not allergic to, like the lovely malteser.
  4. I’m quite an introvert og generally really bad at meeting new people. I’m also very bad at faces, so I apologize, if I can’t remeber you, if we’ve met before.
  5. My friends often describe me as a rather outspoken person.
  6. There was a period when I was around 15 year old, where I shaved off my eyebrows. That has resulted in fairly sparse eyebrows even 10 years later.
  7.  I’m absolutely love all sorts of plants and my small apartment is filled with green.
  8. Sleeping is one of my favourote things to do, and I’ll gladly go to bed at 9 pm on a friday.
  9. I’m the absolute opposite of spontaneous. I need everything to be carefully planned and considered from travelling to tattoos.
  10. I’m good at various needlework like embroidery, sewing and knitting. I love tinkering with my hands whilst listening to a podcast.

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