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10 Random Facts About Me #2

February 28, 2018

facts about me

Ready for another one? Don’t forget to read my first 10 random facts about me.

  1. I get the hiccups several times a day. Every single day. Yes, that’s as annoying as it sounds.
  2. I’m not a picky eater, but if there’s parsnips in a dish I just can’t eat it. I haaaate parsnips.
  3. Caffeine has very little effect on me – unless I totally overdo it and drink 5 cups of coffee. I which case I can’t concentrate and my heart is pounding away. I still drink a cup or two a day though – it tastes darn good.
  4. I kind of hate soda (except Coca Cola). I love me some sparkling water though. Yummers! (Hey SodaStream – hit me up)
  5. When I was taking driving lessons I realized that I’m terrified of being behind a steering wheel. So I bailed on the drivers license and ride my bike everywhere.
  6. I’m definitely a phone addict, but I really want to change that. HELP.
  7. I’m a bit of hoarder. I find it so difficult to throw away/sell things that are in perfect condition, and I might *need* some day. Particularly with clothing, because in the past, I’ve gotten rid of something I’ve totally regretted a few months later. So I have a phasing out process of firstly putting it in the back of my closet. Then it goes in the basement. And after maybe a year in the basement, I’ll let it go. I know, it’s bad.
  8. I have oddly thick fingers, which means I can’t fit most womens rings.
  9. Tea is my favourite beverage ever ever ever. I drink several mugs every day. Geeen sencha is my favourite right now.
  10. Procrastination should be my middle name. Just writing this post literally took me 4 hours, because I was doing about  A billion things at the same time.

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